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Template usage:

 | domain-facebook  = Link to the domain's Facebook page (if it exists)
 | domain-twitter   = Link to the domain's Twitter page (if it exists)
 | domain-instagram = Link to the domain's Instagram page (if it exists)
 | domain-discord   = Link to the domain's Discord server (if it exists)
 | dst              = DST's name
 | dst-personalpage = DST's personal wiki page
 | dst-email        = DST's email inbox
 | da               = DA's name
 | da-personalpage  = DA's personal wiki page
 | da-email         = DA's email inbox
 | venue1-link      = Venue page's name
 | venue1-title     = The name of the venue's genre
<MsCalendar>Domain name here</MsCalendar>

Template supports up to eight venue cards - add extra "venue[x]-link" and "venue[x]-title" lines as needed.