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The markup for this template is intended to allow a highly modular infobox for a Mage: The Awakening 2e character.

The basic template:

{{infobox mage
 | title            = Header title
 | image            = Character image file
 | shadowname       = Character's Shadow Name
 | path             = Character's Path
 | legacy           = Character's Legacy, if they have one
 | order            = Character's Order
 | nimbus           = A general description of the character's Nimbus
 | cabal            = Character's Cabal, if they have one

 | name             = Character's legal name
 | age              = Character's age
 | gender           = Character's gender
 | appearance       = Character's description

 | caucusname       = Name of character's Caucus
 | caucuscreed      = A summary statement of the Caucus' philosophy
 | caucusregion     = The region the Caucus holds membership in

 | player           = Your name
 | domain           = Where you play the character

Mundane identity information and Caucus information is entirely optional and neither section will not display if no information is given for it.

Unfortunately Guardians of the Veil with the Masque merit won't be able to add their other magical identities (and probably shouldn't anyway ;) ).