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Template:Documentation <templatedata> { "params": { "1": { "label": "time zone", "description": "The time zone for the time formatting", "example": "EST", "type": "string", "suggested": true }, "2": { "aliases": [ "df" ], "label": "date format", "description": "The format to render the date and time", "example": "dmy12", "suggested": true }, "dst": { "label": "Daylight savings time", "example": "yes", "type": "string" }, "lang": { "label": "ISO 639 language code", "description": "displays time/date in language specified by ISO 639 language", "type": "string" }, "dateonly": { "description": "If 'yes', suppresses display of the time and only shows the date", "example": "yes", "type": "string" }, "timeonly": { "description": "If 'yes', suppresses display of the date and only shows the time", "example": "yes", "type": "string" }, "hide-tz": { "label": "Hide time zone?", "description": "If 'yes', suppresses time zone abbreviation", "example": "yes", "type": "string" }, "unlink-tz": { "label": "Don't link time zone?", "description": "If 'yes', renders the timezone without linking to its article.", "example": "yes", "type": "string" } } } </templatedata>