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Personal Information[edit]


  • Experiment 013 is a larger man with shaggy dark hair.
  • Dark eyes that seem to always be judging or learning
  • 7'2" feet tall
  • Thick solid muscles
  • Normally he has scars all over from the attachment of flesh to muscle during the creation process
  • There always seems to be an odd aura about him


  • Not much can be said about his personality at this point, being recently created he has the mentality of a child. Ever learning.
  • He seems quick to anger
  • Seems to like learning new things.


  • Those who know him call him 13
Information Known by Created Society[edit]
  • The Created Society do not know of his where-a-bouts yet.


  • 2015 - His creator, Dr. Hollander, finalized his creation through similar means as the Universal Movie Frankenstein.
  • 2016 - After a year, Dr. Hollander turned in his research on the creation of life, but was laughed out of the academy with his sponsorship revoked.
  • 2016 - Dr. Hollander turned to drinking to ease his troubles.
  • 2017 - The Doctor finally had enough and lashed out at 013 and his wife. The wife died in the conflict. Enraged by this, 013 gave into the Torment and fought back, nothing was left except a burned, crumpled home and a limp
  • dead body of the doctor in his hand.
  • 2017 - After the death of the Doctor and his wife, 013 set out to live the rest of his life.
  • 2018 - He was found in Forest Park, St. Louis by Vic. She took him in and gave him shelter and education.
  • 2018 - Got a job at the Dollhouse to make money to help Vic pay off her debt.
  • 2018 - Fights in the Fight Club to also make money for the same thing.

Recent Events[edit]

  • 013 recently got to join the Night Congress meeting where a car was thrown through the building, which he then proceeded to leave with Vic to confront the thing that did it.
  • 13 got to traverse the realms of the Hedge, even faced a True Fae
  • He lives with Murmur and Frank now.
  • Got a job at the Dollhouse, he mostly cleans the place up, but he is learning how to create dresses and dolls
  • 10/23 13 was finally given a real name by Victoria Stone. Ashley William Stone.


Quotes By[edit]

Quotes About[edit]

"Ash is bloody adorable, and anyone who hurts him will get dropped from the top of the arch and then burned alive" - Vic


  • "Idiots are hard..." Ash

"No, no love, idioms. Figures of speech, that type of thing. Idiots are entirely different" Vic


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