Velika Pogreka

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Velika Pogreka
Concept: Baba Yaga’s lil sis
Clan: Mekhet •••
Covenant: Circle of the Crone
City: St. Louis •••
Title: Prince or Boss
Sire: Brandon
Bloodline: Khaibit
Group: none
Embraced: 1868
Player: Jekca
Storyteller: St. Louis VST

Personal Information[edit]

Velika Pogreka, AKA Lee


Lee is 4'11.5", but appears slightly taller due to almost always wearing heeled shoes or boots. She has blue eyes, weights around 110, typical pale skinned and looks 18. She is not 18. She generally either looks bored, amused, or sullen. Her back is crisscrossed with old scars, which to those who have seen that kind of thing before, look like a large wolf like animal attack (claws and bites). Often wears a medallion necklace, or a charm bracelet.


She tends to cut to the most simple solution (IE punch it, or whatever is most direct). She is driven by boredom, and will often poke at things to see what bubbles to the surface.

Mortal World[edit]

Currently owner of two locations of Boire (Pronounced Bwah), one in Missouri and one in Iowa. She is known as fair, but tough, and well liked among those who work nights, due to her willingness to bring a hot drink, or lend a helping hand. The mortals think her strength and speed are due to an obsession with working out, and she is seen doing so a few times a week. Lee is very fast, and good with her fists, carries both brass knuckles and a lot of knives. She is sometimes seen working event security at various clubs and concerts, as a independent security contractor, known for her efficiency and effectiveness. She has both an Iowa and Missouri liquor license to personally serve and for Boire to serve alcohol. Lee owns and rides an odd looking motorcycle. She speaks fluent Russian and French. For those with the knowledge of such matters, Lee has mob/mafia connections in multiple states, esp the Russians.

Information Known by Supnat Society[edit]

  • Owner of Boire
  • Prince / Boss
  • often the unofficial 'Fixer of Things'
  • Russian and part of an organized Crime Family
  • Birthdate is Oct 31st.


  • 1846 - born Oct 31st to a Russian immigrant, in Chicago father unknown. Mother died at birth, went into children's homes, and on the street. Established connections to Russian Mafia at a very young age.
  • 1868 - was turned in Chicago, Was attacked by a were, dying, was embraced by a local Mekhet. Joined Order of the Crone.
  • 1940 - Within vampires, until recently, the public claim is that she was born in the 1940's,
  • 1960 - Records show she went to college. Did security and bounced at some events, and clubs. Found and killed the were that attacked her, and was banished from her court.
  • 1970 - 1999 known details are sketchy, did not leave the Americas, but wandered a lot.
  • 2000 - known details are sketchy, did not leave the Americas, but wandered a lot, was at Ground Zero during 9-11.
  • 2010-2016 - known details are sketchy, did not leave the Americas, but wandered a lot.


  • AUG - Scoped out where she wanted to work next, began her way to and shifted towards Iowa.
  • SEP - Got a job, moved into the area, at Club Boire, waited to see how the local court would handle the situation. Establishes that she does still travel, and is hired on temporary in various midwestern areas as event/part time security, this includes towns in Iowa, and Missouri currently.
  • OCT - Was noticed by Eleanor and drug before court. Allowed to stay.
  • NOV - Traveled to Saint Louis MO, and Columbia MO, as event security, a cover as she worked to reestabish old mafia connections.
  • DEC - Played Krampus for the amusement of it, against some humans.


  • JAN - Ames court to at Boire
  • FEB - In Saint Louis, but mostly in Iowa, obtained her Bartending license. Assisted Iowa Prince with cleanup after recent vampire prison break, and helped with backup and escort duties. Started Bartending at Boire a few nights a month, and spends some time working at Hotel St. Jude in Saint Louis as inhouse security.
  • MAR - Took an arrow in the neck by Bronwen Johnson. Helped capture Henry Walpesh & Isabella Moore. Ties with both law enforcement and mob strengthened. In and out of Saint Louis.
  • APR - In Saint Louis on and off. Made a deal with a local mage for info. Assisted hotel management with a break-in. Irritated the local prince, and was attacked at said neutral ground.
  • MAY- In both Ames and Missouri at various times. Worked more to try to continue tracking Bronwen, but when it appeared she might be getting tracked back, would shift out of state for awhile. Helped at hotel with another off site adventure. Saw another vamp jail be both found and opened by various parties (some known, some prob unknown), almost blinded at hotel, and suspects hotel uniforms may appear soon due to said visual disturbance. Spent time scouting down near the river, for some reason. Rumor has it she may be shifting to owning two Rave's, looking to open second location in Saint Louis, in a less than respectable neighborhood. In late May she purchased land in Saint Louis and began obtaining permits to retrofit building into a Rave.
  • JUN- Managed to meet both the Mayor, who she considers both terrifying and hilarious and offered the same entity opening night tickets (date TBA), and Calligula. Seen talking on and off with Hans, and working security at the hotel. The location for Boire was gutted, and is in the process of being retrofitted, and she has put out the word in regards to what she is looking for, for staffing (reaching out to both those in the business, those in The Families, and contacts with the area's supernatural communities). Shifted officially to the court in Saint Louis, and was surprisingly asked to step in as Harpy, and accepted. Then for no reason "fired", which amused her from all accounts. Then it turned out she couldn't be fired, due to a challenge for praxis. She hadn't changed what she was doing anyways, so she just kept on. Has also followed her connections to a meeting with some of the current underworld, and set up channels to be sure the tithed is paid (aka dues, protection money, whatever). Came out of that meeting bruised and bloodied, but in one piece.
  • JULY- was in Iowa briefly and involved in an altercation with Brohnwyn Johnson, one of the escapees, and her bike was blown up. Almost suffered final death, but had herself shipped to Saint Louis, where she was, with help, able to be healed enough that she was, briefly, at the charity event that burned to the ground. Lee left before the fires broke out. Was seen in several places that night, depending on the time, dealing with things associated with her duties as harpy, as owner of Boire, and as hotel security. Appeared to weather the evening fine, and remains in place at this time, as harpy. She is apparently one of Lucian's new sparring partners, along with some of Clan Petrov. Amy Kim was hired on as her business manager.
  • AUG- Early court, found out the de Sanfords were trying to recruit her like they had Kim, but had accidentally gotten Carlos instead. This mindmessing was cleaned up by Hans, and she and everyone else in attendance had their own heads checked just in case of further mind messing. She banned the de Sanfords from Boire. She also went to the northern Boire for one weekend to handle business and see about renovation plans. Later in the month the hotel was targeted by bloody fog, Lee assisted per direct instructions of her Prince, in investigation and dealing at least with one individual (a crazy mage) who was involved. Work continues to pull the street gangs together into a Family structure.
  • SEPT - Asked to stand in for the tie breaker/council leader for the supnat council in Des Moines Iowa. Hosted the meeting at the northern Boire. Got a replica of her blown up bike back. Found out a Strix might be loose. Is in the process of expanding the northern Boire. At home, is assisting getting the Circle of the Crone's facility up and running, along with continuing to handle Family matters. Was in Columbia Missouri in time to run into Gail, and find out that there is a blood-hunt declared on the former Prince of the area. Took care of a situation that caused a breach of the masquerade earlier this summer, in the form of a sudden and large storm. Married Amri in a private ceremony
  • OCT - Rumors abound. Little Lee did was in the open, although the month ended in a birthday party/wedding reception for Lee and Amri, making their tie public.
  • NOV - Met with Decuma finally. Has been seen in Boire and near the river, on both sides hunting for something.
  • DEC - Seen here and there, walking with a bit more power than before, Lee managed to find the break, with some help, into where Pankers is, and has started hunting the members personally.


  • JAN- Helped the Ames court hunt down another escapee, may have been indirectly involved in a bank burning to the ground.
  • APR- Wife was killed by a hero, Harvey and Lee killed said hero.
  • May- injured outside the night congress meeting by a ghost bum. Walked out of the vampire court meeting, for personal (HA) reasons.
  • July- Seen with Harvey, a lot.
  • Aug - hunts with Harvey, and with the Trash pandas, in and out of Columbia. Bought a house.
  • Sept - hunts with Harvey, and with the Trash pandas, in and out of Columbia, though came home injured this time.
  • Oct - hunts with Harvey, and with the Trash pandas, started hunting and training Madeline how to fight.
  • Nov - Jan - more of the same, embraced Damien.


  • Jan- Made prince of the vampires
  • Feb-June- moved back into Boire and dealt with the vamp things
  • July-Sept- Madeline returned, so she moved back into the house. More vamp things.
  • Oct- Lee moved back into Boire.
  • Nov-Dec- Vampire stuff, learned parkour, started hanging out at the Drama Club on her limited free time.


  • Tba


Known Sire[edit]

Sired by Brandon, mekhet Chicago(?), current whereabouts unknown. Brandon is also of unknown age. Lee does know he was fairly old, and that she was able to control herself much much faster than average new vampires usually can.

Known Siblings/childe[edit]

  • is unaware if her human parents had any other children, or if her sire has fathered any other vampires. Does not believe either to be the case, but has no proof one way or another.
  • sired Damien.

Known Other[edit]

  • Decuma Suditsky - has called her sister, but also stated they aren't from the same sire, or biological parentage. Russian Nos.
  • Eldest - Russian, Decuma's probable sire. Lee has called her sister, but also stated they aren't from the same sire, or biological parentage.



Quotes By[edit]

  • "For the love of the gods, did anyone try, I don't know, ringing the damn doorbell? I swear, you all make everything infinitely more complicated."
  • "And here I thought I was going to be the reason we all got stuck wearing uniforms..... Lucien, PANTS!"

Quotes About[edit]

  • Caligua, eyes Billy. "Lost a fight with a freight train, did we?"

"A very small and very focused train yes sir," he says diffidently....

  • "Rather personable for a Russian mobster, hardly ever murders anyone I know." -Bowman
  • After a conversation that insinuated that most vampires don't bite people's necks anymore, and that Lee is much older than she lets on, this conversation occurred.

"As I said, some traditionalists still do so. Lee is one such..." (Hans) "Are you kidding? Every other word she says is 'fuck'." (Someone in the voice meeting) "Yes, because she's grasping at what modern slang she has available to her. But watch when she gets truly flustered, and it all comes bubbling out in a hopelessly mixed morass. 'I bite my thumb at thee! Curr! Vile motherfucker! Hasta la vista, daddy-o!" (Hans) (incoherent laughter) (everyone) "But the rest of us? We're civilized. After all, we have to live beside the mortals; can you imagine that if they were still our food? And look at what they eat. My god, would you truly like to dine on that? No, we do just fine on substitutes. Near Blood, Blood Beaters... you can't tell the difference." (Hans)


Lee makes a decidedly childish gesture at his back, but carefully gets up and follows. Bowman, "I saw that."


  • Odd scars on her back, rumor has they are were bites and scratches, and that she killed the one that gave them to her.
  • carries odd old coin(s), martin on one side, and faded words on the other.
  • Some say she has a Family name, Likho
  • Secretly cares about her employees
  • Is a terrible cook


  • Cruxshadows, The Seraphs

My body's made of fire; black and deep and cold; burning for the choice i made so many years ago; And love will keep me tethered; for my wings are stripped of flight; but into my mad deluded world; they cross the battle lines


OOC Information[edit]

Member Information
Player: Jekca
Number: GWB2016100101
Domain: Mid-MO