Vlastislav Radev

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Vlastislav Radev
Concept: Unknown
Clan: Daeva ••
Covenant: Ordo Dracul ••
City: St. Louis
Title: none
Sire: Unknown
Bloodline: Nuncio
Embraced: 1439
Player: James Manning
Storyteller: St. Louis VST
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Personal Information[edit]


Radev stands a few inches above six feet tall with wavy brown hair and puppy dog brown eyes. He has scruffy facial hair and will occasionally shave his head, beard, or both before a gathering just to break the monotony. He knows it comes back, but sometimes it’s good to have a bit of change.


A peaceful man, Radev prefers to solve things with words than weapons when possible. He is an extremely social individual who enjoys conversing with others, and being the center of attention when he feels like it. He is an intense individual, when speaking or listening he looks directly into others’ eyes…unless he knows they have the Dominate discipline.

Mortal World[edit]

Over the last six years he has created and run on online publication called The Sheepdog, which he wishes to eventually extend to print. His passion to unearth and unveil political corruption on both sides has garnered him a measure of fame as a journalist and a high standing amongst others of the profession.

Information Known by Kindred Society[edit]


1408 Born Vlastislav Radev in Prague to a poor family

1420 At just 12, fought against Sigismund and the Catholic Church in the 1st anti-Hussite Crusade

     *Helped defeat Sigismund at the Battle of Viktor Hill
     *Upon returning home learned that his parents had been put to the sword by Sigismund

1421 Fought against the German army at the siege of Zatec in the 2nd anti-Hussite Crusade

1422 Civil war breaks out

1423 3rd anti-Hussite Crusade

1424 Present at Liben for peace treaty

1426 Start the 4th anti-Hussite Crusade

     *Fought at the battle of Aussig

1427 Fought at the Battle of Tachov

1431 3rd of March, present for the Council of Basel

      *14th of August, routed the Papal forces at the Battle of Domazlice

1433 Assisted the Poles against the Teutonic Order.

1434 Lost the battle of Lipany.

       *After the loss of this battle he was broken, but knowing nothing but war he traveled to Poland to help them.

1439 Defeated at the Battle of Grotniki by Polish royal troops.

        *Taken for dead and buried in a graveyard.
        *Awoke in the earth and clawed his way out before the gravestone was placed
        *Takes the name Adalbert Dawid 

1500s Traveled across around Europe and parts of Russia.

1863 Helped the Polish in their uprising against Russia

1864 Does his best to help the Circassian people.

1875 Moves to London

1888 Becomes obsessed with Jack the Ripper, attempts to uncover the truth but fails.

1900 Returns to traveling to be an eternal witness to the atrocities committed by those in power.

1940 Having seen the setup and completion of the first Great War, and the majority of the second he moves to Florida after helping those he can.

        *Establishes the identity of Duke Jones and earns a Bachelors in Journalism

1946 Met a man named Diablo on a Florida battlefield. They came away better people.

1964 Arrested in NYC for demonstrating during the Civil Rights Movement

1990 Travels across the United States of America

2011 Returns to using his actual name.

        *Starts The Sheepdog

2017 Moves to Iowa to get a break from the hustle of NYC

Recent History[edit]


  • JAN - Sorts the details of traveling to Iowa
  • FEB - Moves to Iowa, introduces himself to the Court and Prince of Ames. Assisted as best he could with a situation.


  • JUL - Relocates to St. Louis, joining that city's peculiar social structure.


Known Sire[edit]

Known Siblings[edit]

  • None known

Known Childer[edit]

Known Grand-childer[edit]

  • None known


Quotes By[edit]

"Quote" - reference

Quotes About[edit]

"Such a smart boy" - Richetta Massaro


"Quote" - reference


  • Might have known Decuma back in the old country, and someone(s) she then called younger sister.
  • May only respect one member of the Lance

Inspirations and Soundtrack[edit]

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OOC Information[edit]

Member Information
Player: James Manning
Number: GWB2016010024
Domain: Ames